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  • Milo, Three Dragons Martial Arts Academy Testimonials

    When we started at Three Dragons almost a year ago, my son just wanted to run in circles and flop on the floor during his class. He was in occupational therapy, speech therapy and physical therapy, as multiple specialists concluded he had ADHD, Anxiety, and/or Autism. His school teachers frequently mentioned his uncooperative and aggressive behavior, often including throwing things, hurting others, & running off. Mr. Stewart quickly bonded with my son (something only a very small handful of people have done), and established consistent trust, order, & respect while teaching him the beginning elements of martial arts. Throughout the past year, Mr. Stewart has gently brought my son out of his shell. Mr. Stewart's kind diligence, patience and professionalism show through in every aspect of his studio. The constant emphasis on an upstanding social and emotional temperament has challenged my son to always strive for personal betterment. My son no longer needs any of his previous therapies, & he can now focus throughout his school day with a positive attitude and participate in a regular classroom with 'normal' peers. This has been an incredible transformation for which I am tremendously thankful. He has come so far that he even won his school's weekly Christian characteristic award for self-control. I figured he would learn to kick and punch here, but he has learned so much more about confidence, focus, self-discipline, persistence, and teamwork. I highly recommend Mr. Stewart and Three Dragons to any family. – Megan (Proud Parent)

  • Timothy, Three Dragons Martial Arts Academy Testimonials

    I was introduced to Three Dragons Martial Arts by our neighbors Meredith and Jay who have a son (Eli) the same age as Timothy.

    Timothy is a bright, happy and rambunctious 7 year old. In school earlier this year he was having some issues concentrating on schoolwork (as he much preferred to talk with his friends). He was also lacking in focus and following direction. After talking with Matt Stewart (Head Instructor & Co-owner of Three Dragons with his wife Tiffany) on the day of Eli's birthday party held at Three Dragons. I was super impressed by his interaction with the children. He has a passion for Taekwon-Do and helping each student be their best self that is obvious from the moment you meet him. Mr. Stewart is 100% dedicated to teaching his students of all ages, capabilities and walks of life, the tenets and the art of Taekwon-Do.

    Both Mr. Stewart and his wife Tiffany took the time to sit with me and discuss my long-term desires for Timothy's future. They were engaging, understanding, very helpful and informative. They offered me a complimentary introductory class for Timothy to assess his abilities so they could determine the best personal small group for him based on his maturity and development stage.

    Timothy had attended another local Martial Arts school for several months last year. I was not happy with the school; style of teaching, class structure (all ages mixed together), extra charges for this and that, and the process they used for advancement through the belt ranks seemed to just involve the children attending classes. Here at Three Dragons the children have a curriculum and objectives to become proficient in before they can advance. A real sense of achievement is truly felt when they earn a stripe or a new color belt.

    After 2 months of Timothy attending Three Dragons I could see the differences in his behavior both at home and at school. He was becoming more focused and following directions given to him with less drama. His first grade teacher told me she had noticed the positive change in his behavior in class and asked for more information about Three Dragons to pass on to other teachers.

    Timothy is not only becoming a more focused individual but is learning valuable life lessons each week. He is interacting with other students of different capabilities and cheering them on when they do well. The family group here at Three Dragons is strong.

    I would also like to say that my experiences with Mr. Stewart, Tiffany and the Three Dragons group are wonderful. Timothy and I very much feel part of the Three Dragons family and we are continuing our journey with them for the long term. I believe with Mr. Stewart’s expertise and passion Timothy will one day achieve the coveted black belt rank and become an upstanding, passionate and dedicated young man.

    Kath (Proud Parent)

  • Sam, Three Dragons Martial Arts Academy Testimonials

    My 10 year old was lacking focus and personal responsibility. Three Dragons has given my son a sense of confidence. The environment is small and family owned, so the atmosphere is conducive to quick achievements. Sam is now helping with chores, improving academic focus, and has a more responsible attitude. The Stewart's run a great focused program in a quiet environment. I look forward to my child growing with their program. Also, it is the best deal for any Martial Arts program in Central Florida! - Jessica (Proud Parent)

  • Three Dragons TKD was one of the best parts or Bobby's early years growing up. The positive impact of a good martial arts school will be life long. When Bob attained his I Dan, Alicia, Matt and Josey awarded him the title of Integrity of the Dragon. This will be something for him to strive toward for the rest of his life. All I can say to Orlando TKD schools is look out, because this will be the school to beat. Best wishes for you Matt!

    Missy Lieberman
  • Dave German, Three Dragons Martial Arts Academy Testimonials

    Great environment for kids to learn self confidence and discipline along with the physical activity to get them off on the right path to the rest of their lives.

    Dave German
  • Raymond S. , Three Dragons Martial Arts Academy Testimonials

    Can't think of a better place to learn TKD. The Teachers/Owners have dedicated their entire lives to this cause and they are the BEST!!!

    Raymond S.
  • Meredith V., Three Dragons Martial Arts Academy Testimonials

    Our whole family loves Three Dragons!  The family class is fantastic; Mr. Stewart finds super fun ways to involve people of all ages into class activities, while learning and exercising.  My son has been doing one of the kids classes for about a month and I'm already seeing a difference in his confidence and focus (not to mention an awesome flying front snap kick).  I highly recommend doing one of their trial classes, and I'm sure you'll love it too!

    Meredith V.
  • Jay V., Three Dragons Martial Arts Academy Testimonials

    Three Dragons has been a tremendous experience for our whole family.  Our 6 year old son is showing great strides in patience and listening skills.  All of us have benefited from an increase in strength and balance. The best part is the classes are fun, informative, and motivating.  Mr. Stewart is a wonderful instructor showing great patience. Three Dragons is  well worth coming to experience for yourself and with your family.

    Jay V.
  • Robert R., Three Dragons Martial Arts Academy Testimonials

    Three Dragons Martial Arts Academy is relatively new to the neighborhood but the dedication of the head Instructor, Mr. Stewart leaves no doubt as to both his knowledge of of Taekwon-Do and his focused attention to his students. Myself as a student of Shotokan Karate for 8 years during my middle and high school days knew what sort of person I was looking for to teach my son a martial art and was very pleased that it did not require a lengthy search. My son will be finishing up his sixth week of training, his grasp of both the technique and execution of Taekwon-Do has impressed both myself, my family and friends. All of with is due to Mr. Stewart's instruction during this time. If you are looking for a place to learn Taekwon-Do then look no further Three Dragons Martial Arts Academy.

    Robert R.


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