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So you may be wondering where the name Three Dragons came from…it all started in 1997 when my dad came home and handed a sketch to me and my two siblings (Jose and Alicia) of three dragons and at the center the yin-yang symbol.  

I remember we all looked at each other and then back at dad waiting for him to explain.  He was always a visionary and we learned to expect the unexpected at an early age.  

“Each dragon represents one of you.  Who you are - your passion and strengths.”  my dad explained.  “You each make up the whole - Three Dragons and that creates a balance."

That day he announced his vision for our family.  We would open our own dojang in Fairbanks, Alaska called Three Dragons Martial Arts Academy.

The Fire of the Dragon 

Matthew Stewart, IV Dan

Matt is represented by the red dragon and earned the name due to the ability to nurture the talent of his students. He can see the black belt in every student and with that talent he has cultivated hundreds of black belts. He has participated in several world camps, ran multiple tournaments as Tournament Director, ran the demonstration team, and participated in several competitions both nationally and internationally.

The Heart of the Dragon
Alicia Stewart, V Dan

As the oldest of the three siblings, she became the Heart of the Dragon. Alicia was the Head Instructor at Three Dragons Martial Arts Academy in Fairbanks, Alaska. She took many black belts to national and international competitions. She was on the woman's World Team on several occasions, winning a gold metal in Ottawa in 2008.

The Soul of the Dragon
Josey Stewart, IV Dan

Josey Stewart, the youngest of the siblings is the Soul of the Dragon. He has competed internationally and participated in world camps. He was the sparring instructor at Three Dragons.

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