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Martial arts isn’t just for children, you can easily learn the art as an adult and you don’t need to be a teenage superstar to get the same fitness results and benefits. As an adult you will be able to appreciate the fitness and health benefits as well as learning the ability to achieve goals and success.

The top 5 benefits of starting martial arts as an adult are:

  • 1) Get in shape – practicing martial arts the right with (with force) will get you sweating and increase your heart rate. This means you are working out your cardio vascular and muscular endurance that lead to weight loss and/or toning of your body.
  • 2) Increase flexibility and agility – martial arts require stretching your muscles before practicing and while going through the movements (high kicks) will get you moving muscles you forgot you even have.
  • 3) Confidence – even as an adult, setting goals and achieving them builds confidence.
  • 4) Increase muscle tone and muscle mass – martial arts will test your body as you learn the basic movements and progress to the more difficult, you will be using your muscles in ways that go beyond lifting weights.
  • 5) Weight loss – any activity requiring movement burns calories and martial arts are no different. The more force and exertion used during practicing the more calories are burned. Plus if you are like a lot of individuals it is more fun to practice this art then going to a gym and lifting weights and running on treadmills.

Just because you are starting as an adult doesn’t mean you can’t become a great martial artist. Anyone at any age can start and reap the benefits. Don’t let self-doubt or apprehensions get in the way of becoming a more fit and healthy you.

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