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My Little Secret


I am a student of self improvement. I always strive to become a better version of myself and keep an open mind to new ideas. After all, life is a journey and I want to have the best experience possible. Here is a quick tip to help you on your way:

It's the beginning of the work week; your weekend has ended and now you return to work and the daily grind.

But what if you change your mindset? Instead of "I have to go to work" change one word; "I get to go to work". Changing how you phrase your activities is a simple, but powerful way to begin transforming your mindset.

If you find yourself dreading an activity or even person, think about why and address it by changing how the person or situation occurs to you. So if you are dreading an upcoming dinner with someone you are not overly fond of but it is important to your spouse, think of it as "I get to have dinner with my spouse and his/her friends and that makes him/her really happy". Change your focus and you will change your mind.

Happy Monday!
Team 3DMAA

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