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Our purpose answers the “why” behind what we do. It’s what inspires us to get up and go to

work every day.

We’re here to: “Develop character and inspire leadership.”

We believe martial artists create the world. And the reason we exist is to support them in 

achieving success in their adventurous journey.

Our values define our beliefs and leadership principles. 

1. Care generously for your team members and students.

“We believe that ‘care’ is the heart of our success.  When we focus on serving, we are 

always headed in the right direction.”

2. Lead by setting a personal example.

“There are many ways to lead.  We believe the BEST way to lead is by the personal 

example you set.  Your action ALWAYS speak louder than your words.  Rise up and be a 

positive example for everyone around you.”

3. Listen with an open mind, accept feedback, and add value to conversations.

“We believe collaboration is essential to our success.  All of us are better than one of us, 

and success begins by listening with an open mind, accepting feedback from others, and 

then adding value to the conversations we have with one another.”

4. Take action that serves the students, your team, and the school.

“Action is what moves us forward.  We’ve committed to taking action that serves our 

students, our team, and the school (aligned in that order).  When we do that, we can’t 

go wrong.”

5. Attack challenges and own results through the finish line.

“We believe the most important asset we have is the ‘inner stance’ we choose to 

operate from.  And we’re committed to operating from an empowering stance that 

directs our thinking and behavior towards attacking challenges in front of us.  But action 

alone isn’t enough.  To be successful we must take ownership of driving results through 

the finish line.”

6. Welcome adversity as an opportunity to learn and grow.

“We believe that life and business will always bring us challenges.  We are grateful for 

them.  They are both a gift and opportunity for us to grow personally and 


7. Work as a team to find simple solutions to problems.

“We believe that all problems can be solved when we work together as a team.  Often 

what we perceive as a ‘problem’ generally isn’t one.  It’s merely time for us to rise up 

and make an important growth decision.  Keep it simple and continue moving forward!”

8. Work with enthusiastic passion and pride in producing results.

“We’re going to spend a lot of time working in our lives, so it’s important to define the 

WAY we work together.  We’re committed to working with enthusiasm and passion for 

our purpose and mission.  We take great pride in producing awesome results for our 


9. Ask for help and offer it to others when needed.

“We believe in letting go of our egos in order to continue growing.  When you need 

help, simply ask for it.  When you see someone struggle who can benefit from your 

support, give it to them freely.”

10. Set and share goals publicly.

“We’re committed to setting goals and sharing them publicly.  When we set goals, we 

point our lives in a positive growth direction.  And when we share our goals with others, 

we create accountability for our actions and inspire others to grow too.  That’s 


11. Share credit with others.

“We believe in humility.  Big goals are never achieved on your own.  It takes a lot of 

support to get to the top of any mountain in life.  So take time to give and share credit 

with others.

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