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We felt the best way to close out a great week would be to tell you all about us. We are close to having a space to start teaching classes and excited to share our passion with the community!

3DMAA's purpose is to empower our students to achieve their goals while developing physical strength, ability to defend, and confidence to grow into leaders in the community while assisting parents in the awesome responsibility of raising our future generations.

We firmly believe that character must be built along with physical strength. This can't be accomplished by simply teaching students the techniques of Taekwon-Do. Instructors must build bonds with students to help guide them in their quest for courtesy, loyalty, self-control, and a sense of responsibility to help and respect all forms of life. And, of course, we believe that in order to learn any of this, students must enjoy what they're doing and have fun!

Our team has a set of values in how we run our lives both personally and professionally:

  • Personal Responsibility - We take responsibility for our actions and results no matter what.
  • Integrity - We are our word and what we speak into existence actually occurs for us.
  • Courtesy - Honor your elders, respect your seniors, befriend your peers, and support everyone.
  • Indomitable Spirit - Be bold, unwavering, and embrace fear. Bold and fearless actions is how value is created.
  • Kaizen - We invest in our own self-improvement, always striving for greater awareness of ourselves for we know that as we align with our true identity and remain focused on our purpose that the power within us will manifest and create our highest potential.
  • Results Oriented - We set SMART goals and guarantee the best results starting with behavior and habits for those we serve.
  • Service - We serve selflessly seeking opportunities to help others in real, tangible ways, then we experience true joy and fulfillment in our lives.
  • Leadership, mentorship, and coaching - We provide leadership, mentorship, and coaching to our students.

We are true students of personal development; constantly striving to become better versions of ourselves so that we can lead our students to become leaders in our community.

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