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This week for Wisdom Wednesday, I would like to focus on one huge word. One that was printed and posted in a frame above to entrance door to the room I trained in growing up.

Everyday i would see this sign and it would make me think. When I was seven I trained under it and didn’t understand. At ten I thought it was written wrong and laughed at it. It wasn't until I was twelve when I was promoted to black belt that I understood. It read like this “Can't” with a red circle and bar across the word. Followed by these simple words “don’t use four letter words.”

You can become incredibly powerful by deleting that word from your vocabulary. YOU are your biggest critic. Think of obstacles as challenges - there is ALWAYS a way. If you find yourself thinking something is impossible, destroy that mindset and and learn how to do it. If it scares you, try it until your defeat it.

Eliminate that word and you will see how far you can go. To this day, twenty some odd years later, I live by that little sign that my instructor posted above the door. I do not use that four letter word; I don’t know the meaning of it.

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