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Why Practice the Basics in Taekwon-Do

I recently attended the International Instructors Course (IIC) in Las Vegas, NV. The Grand Masters consistently emphasized why it is critical to practice the basics. The first of which is to practice the right distancing.

As evidence by step-sparring; practice the right distance until it becomes natural. After learning the correct distance; you must learn the proper technique. Next you learn the right position. And last, but certainly not least, is to learn precision. Precision is the most important!

3-Step Sparring

  • Learn the right distance
  • Learn the right technique
  • Learn the right position
  • Learn precision (most important)

Advanced 3-Step Sparring

  • Less emphasis on distance and technique
  • More emphasis on precision

2-Step Sparring

  • Learn and practice combinations of foot and hand alternatively

1-Step Sparring

  • Reasoning is to learn reaction and prepares you for true free sparring

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