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We all need to sometimes take a step back and understand what it takes to be successful.  So many people give up when they face a challenge or adversity.  Success is not easy - otherwise EVERYONE would be successful 100% of the time.  So what does it take to be successful?  It is a journey full of challenges and opportunities to grow.

  • Dedication - Set SMART goals and action the activity or activities necessary to achieve your goal
  • Hard work - Face the challenges head on and work outside your comfort zone.  I promise you will grow and develop more than you ever through imaginable.  In fact the more you grow and develop the more you realize how much more growing and developing there is to do!
  • Good habits - Identify the bad habits that hold you back and gradually change them.  There is a great book to assist called "The Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg.
  • Disappointment - Occasionally our plans do not work out.  We get disappointed - in ourselves, other people, or just with the situation.  Accept what happens as it should have happened...because it DID happen.  Don't let disappointment get in the way of your success!
  • Sacrifice - We have to make sacrifices.  Everyday we make decisions on how to spend our resources which includes time, money, relationships, and our personal development.  We need to be intentional about these decisions by evaluating what we are sacrificing.  In economics its called opportunity cost - if we spend time or money in one area we are giving up something else.  
  • Failure - We have all failed and if you take risks it is bound to happen.  Failing is not a bad thing - it is how we respond to failure that is important.  Look at it objectively and evaluate why you failed.  Learn from the mistakes and try again!
  • Persistence - Try, Try, and Try again. 

The Iceberg Illusion is a perfect illustration of success.  When we see successful people we don't see the journey they took to get where they are today.  Embrace the journey and enjoy the ride as there will be ups and downs.

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