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Due to my years of experience, I can give confidence to parents that after just a few weeks of consistent martial arts classes, transformations begin…

ü  Completing Tasks the First Time Asked – In our dojang, we have a few simple rules. One of those rules is that when your child is asked to do something – it is done the first time. We never yell or scold, but every kid does it because they see the other kids in the class doing it too. And they want to make friends and be a part of the group. After a couple weeks you will usually start to see your kid start doing this at home, too. I can't tell you how many parents have thanked me profusely when it starts to happen. For parents of children who have a hard time following directions – this is truly a blessing.

ü  Determination to Succeed – From the very beginning, we work with you and your child to sets goals and accomplish them. In martial arts, the ultimate goal is a black belt and each rank is a stepping stone to achieve the big goal.  As your child accomplishes each goal along the way, the more confident and ambitious they will become. This process teaches your child to learn to set higher goals – and learn how to go after them with determination. They will learn that fulfillment and respect are earned through completing challenges. Because of this, kids who go through martial arts are much more likely to succeed later in life as well. A recent study showed that 63% of black belts become college graduates! They then go on to live wonderful, fulfilling lives. And then they pass these principles onto their own children.

ü  Paying Attention – We teach kids that looking people in the eyes while be spoke to is how you show people you're listening, and paying attention. After a few weeks, kids will naturally begin paying more attention as they apply what they are learning in class. This seemingly small lesson plays a huge role in the transformation of your child in the ability to pay attention.

ü  Clear Focus - In martial arts, we have kids do one thing at a time. For younger kids, and kids with severe ADD or ADHD, they may only do one thing for a minute – but for that minute that's all they focus on. As they get better at focusing, the longer we have them focus. Eventually, kids might focus the entire session on just one exercise or activity. Before you know it, they do this at home and school too. They focus on their homework… on their chores… on conversations with you… and anything else they put their mind to. 

ü  Self-Respect – In martial arts we develop your child's self-esteem and confidence. They will learn they can do anything they put their minds to.  This will also enable them to stand up for themselves when encountering bullies.  9 times out of 10, when you stand up to a bully they will back down. And for the 1 time out of 10 the bully doesn't back down – your child has the tools to defend themselves. And if necessary, able to get away, and seek out an authority figure. Most confrontations can be talked through. Occasionally, however, words aren't enough. For either situation your child will be prepared.

Martial Arts is an amazing form of exercise – Your child will be active the entire time. But there's no pressure to do anything they are not physically able.  We'll encourage your child to do their best, we are not a boot camp.

Most importantly your child will have a lot of fun along the way!

ü Weight loss – It's easy these days for kids to not exercise. As a result, many children experience weight problems at a young age.

And if your child happens to be overweight – martial arts will help him or her get down to a healthy weight. This reduces risk for many health problems that can occur now, and later on in life. Kids Martial Arts also increases energy, alertness, and overall happiness. Your child will never feel better. 

There are numerous other benefits kids get with learning martial arts.  Martial Arts will give your child the foundation and tools they need to become our future generation leaders.

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