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Does your child struggle in school? 

"I had a child who had trouble listening, staying focused, and was being bullied in school.  We knew he just wasn’t meeting his full potential.

We knew martial arts would be the perfect solution.  The hunt for the right school and instructor was on!  After many trials and observations…we found the school with an environment that is both positive and challenging in which he could thrive and build confidence.” - T. Stewart
Three Dragons Martial Arts Academy has a positive and productive learning environment in which we focus on life skills while instilling the importance of the importance of our tenants - Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirt. We provide a safe learning environment where there is open communication so trust and respect is fostered.

We believe that every child has a native genius and our goal is to discover and cultivate so each child can meet their full potential.  They grow in confidence, their grades improve and the bullying stops.  This is how we help each student develop their self-esteem and confidence that will last them a life time.

We know, as a parent, your greatest desire is that your child grows into a healthy, happy, and successful adult. Joining Three Dragons Martial Arts Academy, a school of life, will ensure that your child becomes the LEADER you always dreamed he or she could be.

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