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Remeber when we were kids? To have fun, we'd have to go outside and play!

You'd end up running, biking and playing for hours.

The time would just fly by.

Nowadays, there are more in-door games than you could possibly count.

As a result, there are way too many kids who never get the amount of exercise their bodies need.

Here are a few solutions for you...

Martial Arts Class

It's fun. It's full of great exercise. It teaches social skills,
respect & self-defense.

I might be biased , but I can't recommend it enough.

(Click here to try out our martial arts classes for kids:

Team Sports

If your kid's a natural athlete, team sports might be a good way to go.

This is a tricky one though.

When the wrong kid is forced into team sports, it can be devastating to their self-esteem.

But if it's a good fit, team sports are really amazing.

"No Technology Time"

Set a block of time every day where your kids aren't allowed to use ANY technology.

Make them get outside, and use their own imaginations for fun and exercise.

Get Creative

I'm sure you've solved parenting problems more difficult than this . Use that noggin of yours to come up with some great ideas.

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