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Give Your Child The Best Chance To Succeed With Our Adaptive Martial Arts Training

Is your kid being bullied? Do you struggle to find an inclusive and accommodating program? Tired of “special needs classes”?

If the answer is yes, then our unique Adaptive Martial Arts program is perfect for your child!

Our classes are lead by Internationally Certified Instructors through ITF in small groups with an average of 4-12 kids depending on development stage. OR, we can begin with private training with the goal to integrate into our individualized small group classes.

Either way, your kid will be coached on proper technique and given individual attention in an accommodating and inclusive environment. Regardless of your kid’s initial fitness level, you will find this to be a great long-term personal development and fitness program.

Kids Martial Arts Orlando

For Students Of All Backgrounds, Our Adaptive Martial Arts Program Has The Answer

Kids with cognitive, sensory, and hyperactivity can find the benefits of Martial Arts invaluable. Martial Arts provides solid structure and discipline into a kid’s daily life. Often, the lessons learned in the class carries over into home and school, helping to improve behavior and even grades according to research.

Due to our curriculum’s consistency and repetition, we create familiarity and build confidence which is exactly what kids with special needs require. We help students succeed by:

  • Making sure they know what to expect
  • Constantly surrounding them with familiar faces
  • Using a consistent curriculum for every class 

With our consistent structured curriculum and fun exercises, even kids with multi-sensory issues can benefit from our program.

Inspiring Possibilities with Adaptive Martial Arts Classes

While most kids receive therapy treatments on a regular basis, adding a tradition Martial Arts program like Taekwon-Do can assist them in achieving their goals more quickly. With this specially designed program, your child can quickly learn:

  • Balance
  • Focus
  • Self-awareness
  • Core-strength
  • Spatial awareness
  • And reduced anxiety

Three Dragons Martial Arts Academy has spent almost 20 years developing our curriculum to bring out the very best version of every student. Our Adaptive Martial Arts program teaches students to work with and be proud of all their abilities.

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Help your child develop confidence, pride, and a great way to stay active with our Adaptive Martial Arts Classes in Orlando. Just fill out the short form on your screen to learn more about everything we have to offer at Three Dragons Martial Arts Academy!


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